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vintage holiday images

holiday art of the past and present

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vintage holiday art
This is a collection of vintage images from holiday postcards, paintings, icons, Christmas cards, greeting cards, etc., that I have found on the internet and elsewhere. This is primarily for my own amusement and interest but others are welcome to join and submit their favorite vintage holiday-related images. This is not just Christmas-related - vintage art from other holidays (Valentine's, Easter, etc.) are welcome. Other vintage images are also welcome, such as advertising, old holiday/vacation photos and postcards, music posters, old recipes and cookbooks/food photography, movie stills, old images from your family photos, and so on.

Please keep images in good taste - I have a pretty broad definition of what constitutes good taste, so most things will be acceptable; I'm talking about NO blatant pornography and/or graphically violent images. I'm trusting members to use their good judgment when posting but I will delete anything I deem unacceptable. "Cheesecake" pictures are perfectly OK (as you'll see by skimming some of the entries). If in doubt, feel free to send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

The details:

1. All members must be approved to discourage spambots and other undesirables. If I don't see any entries in your LJ, or anything that indicates an interest in the subject matter of this community, you will likely be denied membership.

2. All entries will be by members only, for the same reason(s) as #1.

3. Flaming not allowed, period. Be kind to each other. You irritate me, you're outa here.

4. Do not disable comments or delete comments. See number 3.

5. Please do not hotlink to internet sites in order to enter them here.